Factors Affecting Virulence Metabolic Genes

Cn strains lacking genes involved in amino acid biosynthesis (Met3, Met6, Lys9, and Ilv2) are also avirulent in mice. Most of these genes result in an auxotrophic phenotype when they are disrupted and thus their non-pathogenicity in mice is not surprising (Yang et al., 2002; Pascon et al., 2004; Kingsbury et al., 2004a, b).

In addition, genes that are involved in cellular transport processes or signaling networks that regulate different virulence factors are obviously involved in Cn virulence. Two examples of these higher order virulence genes are Vph1 (encoding a vesicular proton pump (Erickson et al., 2001)) and Vad1 (encoding a DEAD-box RNA helicase (Panepinto et al., 2005). Strains lacking these genes are avirulent in mice and show numerous defects in melanin production, capsule formation, urease production or growth at 37°C.

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