Data Collection and Analysis

A centralized and standardized database containing the phenotypic, transcriptional, proteomic, and virulence data should be constructed and made publicly available (Garwood et al., 2004). An elegant example is the PACLIMS data management software used to collect and integrate the Magnaporthe grisea data (Weld et al., 2006). Computerized integration of the entire data sets can reveal unexpected connections between genes and pathways (Tanay et al., 2005).

As the number of known A. fumigatus virulence factors increases, it will be necessary to perform statistical analyses to estimate the relative contribution of each factor to the overall virulence phenotype. Such an analysis, using multivari-ate linear regression was recently used to estimate the relative contributions of individual Cryptococcus neoformans and Bacillus anthracis virulence factors (McLelland et al., 2005).

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