Antioxidant Genes

The ability to resist oxidative and nitrosative stress is important to the virulence of Cn. Numerous studies with oxidative stress factor mutants reveal a connection between susceptibility to oxidative/nitrosative stress and loss of virulence. Deletion of these factors manifests in vitro as sensitivity to oxidative agents such as hydrogen peroxide and t-butylhydroperoxide and/or nitrosative compounds like sodium nitrite (Missall et al., 2004; Missall & Lodge, 2005; Wormley et al., 2005). Table 6.2 lists some of the oxidative stress factors contributing to virulence. It is not surprising that oxidative and nitrosative stress resistance affects virulence considering the importance of survival inside host phagocytic cells to the pathogenesis of Cn (see section on innate immunity). However, this interpretation is oversimplified as some deletion mutants have secondary effects on other virulence traits, such as the ability to grow at 37°C (Missall et al., 2004; Giles et al., 2005). Furthermore, while some of the mutants are hypersensitive to killing by macrophages or neutrophils in vitro, not all are (Missall et al., 2005; Wormley et al., 2005; Narasipura et al., 2003).

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