Interleukin2 production

As was the case for most other cytokines, medical appraisal/use of IL-2 was initially impractical due to the minute quantities in which it is normally produced. Some transformed cell lines, most notably the Jurkat leukaemia cell line, produces IL-2 in increased quantities, and much of the IL-2 used for initial characterization studies was obtained from this source. Large-scale IL-2 production was made possible by recombinant DNA technologies. Although the IL-2 gene/cDNA has now been expressed in a wide variety of host systems, it was initially expressed in E. coli, and most products being clinically evaluated are obtained from that source. As mentioned previously, the absence of glycosylation on the recombinant product does not alter its biological activity.

Proleukin is the tradename given to the recombinant IL-2 preparation manufactured by Chiron and approved for the treatment of certain cancers. It is produced in engineered E. coli and differs from native human IL-2 in that it is non-glycosylated, lacks an N-terminal alanine residue, and cysteine 125 has been replaced by a serine residue. After extraction and chromatographic purification, the product is formulated in a phosphate buffer containing mannitol and low levels of the detergent SDS. The product displays typical IL-2 biological activities, including enhancement of lymphocyte mitogenesis and cytotoxicity, induction of LAK/NK cell activity and the induction of IFN-y production.

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