Granulocyte colonystimulating factor

G-CSF is also known as pluripoietin and CSF-p. Two slight variants are known, one consisting of 174 amino acids and the other of 177. The smaller polypeptide predominates and also displays significantly greater biological activity than the larger variant.

G-CSF is a glycoprotein. It displays a single O-linked glycosylation site and an apparent molecular mass in the region of 21 kDa, and is synthesized by various cell types (Table 10.5). It functions as a growth and differentiation factor for neutrophils and their precursor cells. It also appears to activate mature neutrophils (which are leukocytes capable of ingesting and killing bacteria). G-CSF also appears to act in synergy with additional haemopoietic growth factors to stimulate growth/differentiation of various other haemopoietic progenitor cells. In addition, this cytokine promotes the proliferation and migration of endothelial cells.

The G-CSF receptor has been well characterized. It is a single transmembrane polypeptide found on the surface of neutrophils, as well as in various haemopoietic precursor cells, platelets, endothe-lial cells and, notably, various myeloid leukaemias. (Myeloid means derived from bone marrow; leukaemia refers to a cancerous condition in which there is uncontrolled overproduction of white blood cells in the bone marrow or other blood-forming organs. The white cells produced are generally immature/abnormal and result in the suppression of production of healthy white blood cells.)

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