Uses Of Antianxiety Agents

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Antianxiety agents are used in a variety of situations. Listed below are some of those situations.

a. Control Moderate to Severe Stress and Anxiety in Neurotic and Depressed Patients. Some neurotic and depressed patients are prescribed antianxiety agents to reduce the amount of subjective anxiety; thus enabling them to more productively participate in counseling or therapy.

b. Control Stress and Anxiety in Previously Normal Persons in Periods of Overwhelming Stress. In most cases, normal individuals are able to cope with the stress and anxiety of life. However, when unusual circumstances of extreme stress arise, physicians sometimes prescribe antianxiety agents to assist people during these periods. Antianxiety agents should not be prescribed for dealing with the stresses of everyday life (Food and Drug Administration ruling).

c. Treat Withdrawal Symptoms in Alcoholism. These agents are very effective in the treatment of delirium tremens associated with the withdrawal of alcohol from alcoholics.

d. Treat Psychotic Patients in Periods of Acute Agitation. Sometimes patients who have certain psychotic conditions undergo periods of acute agitation. Antianxiety agents are used to calm these types of patients during these periods. Thus, the patients become much more manageable. Generally speaking, antipsychotic drugs are more effective when used for this particular purpose.

e. Decrease Preoperative and Postoperative Apprehension. Patients who will undergo or have undergone surgery frequently have periods of apprehension. Antianxiety agents have been used to reduce this type of stress and tension.

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