Solutions To Exercises Lesson

1. b A type of anesthesia achieved when the nerve endings in the skin and subcutaneous tissues are blocked by direct contact with a local anesthetic that is injected into the tissue. (para 4-1b)

2. c Local anesthetics block depolarization of the nerve membrane so that the conduction of the nerve impulse is impossible. (para 4-2)

3. d Hyaluronidase increases the movement of the local anesthetic through the tissue. (para 4-4)

5. a Large amounts of systemically absorbed local anesthetics can cause depression of the cardiovascular system. (para 4-6c)

10. b Used for topical anesthesia of the skin. (para 4-8b)

11. d Used to produce anesthesia in the eye. (para 4-7i)

12. b Used to produce infiltration, nerve block, and epidural anesthesia.

13. a The drug should not be applied topically. (para 4-7f)

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