Solutions To Exercises Lesson

1. c The study of the structure of the body. (para 2-1)

2. a A grouping of cells working together. (para 2-2b)

3. b Returns protein and fluid from the various body tissues to the blood.

4. d The fluid or semifluid contained inside the cell membrane, but outside the nucleus. (para 2-5b)

5. b The site of cell respiratory activity. (para 2-5d)

6. d The engulfing of small particles or fluids by the cell. (para 2-6)

7. a The tissue that binds other tissues together and supports other tissues.

8. d Detects heats, colds, pressure, and pain. (para 2-11c)

9. c An infestation of the skin with lice. (para 2-13e(1))

10. a A disease caused by a very small mite which burrows into the skin.

11. b An acute, inflammatory lesion produced by the infection of a hair follicle or skin gland by staphylococci bacteria. (para 2-13c(1))

13. a A collection of fluid in the tissues resulting in swelling. (para 2-14c)

14. b A derangement of the normal functioning of one or more body processes.

15. c The treatment of disease by such methods of heat, light, and cold.

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