Preventive Treatment

Preventive treatment includes all measures used to prevent disease.

a. Preventive procedures include sanitary measures such as cleanliness, proper waste disposal, inspection of food and food handlers, isolation diseased individuals, aseptic surgical technique, and the use insecticides of and rodenticides to control vectors of disease.

b. Another preventive measure is immunization. Active immunity is the result of a direct introduction into the individual's body of an antigenic preparation (frequently bacteria or viruses) so that an individual produces his own antibodies that defend him against the particular antigen introduced. Passive immunity is produced by injecting serum-containing antibodies into an individual. This blood serum may be from animals or humans in which the antibodies were produced by an active immunity process.

c. A third preventive measure consists of preventive psychiatry and mental health work, in which the individual or his environment is manipulated in a manner to prevent excessive mental stress.

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