Precautions Associated With The Use Of Antidepressant Agents

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Although the antidepressant agents are safe for patient use, there are some precautions associated with their use:

a. Antidepressants should be used cautiously with patients who are hyperactive or agitated.

b. Antidepressants should be used cautiously with the elderly, with patients who have glaucoma, and with patients who have hypertension (high blood pressure).

c. Antidepressants may interact with other types of drugs. For example, references should be consulted to determine if any interaction could occur between a particular antidepressant and a drug a patient is taking to control high blood pressure, since some antidepressants partially block the action of some antihypertensive drugs. In addition, the action of some drugs (that is, the barbiturates) is increased in duration when they are administered to patients who are taking certain antidepressant agents.

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