As with journals and texts, electronic forms of drug information are now available to pharmacy personnel. Most of the reference texts discussed previously are available on CD-ROM for single or network use. Some examples are Facts and Comparisons, the PDR, and Clinical Pharmacology. The advantages of this form of information include easy access to information and timely updates (monthly, quarterly, semiannually). Micromedex® is another information system available as a subscription at most military pharmacies. Micromedex® provides drug information monographs, drug identification (Identidex®), poison information (Poisindex®), material safety data sheets, Martindale's Extra Pharmacopeoia, AfterCare Notes®, as well as many other options. The majority of these systems are user friendly and easy to use with minimal orientation.

The most current information about drug use, even prior to approval by the Food and Drug Administration, is available in medical journals. Medical journals are accessed through on-line searches such as Medline® and Grateful Med®. Many U.S. medical teaching institutions and major medical centers offer search capabilities via the Internet or through their respective medical libraries. The use of on-line information services often requires a thorough orientation to perform a good search.

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