a. It is important for you to be familiar with some terms and definitions frequently used in the study of drugs. Although the terms and definitions presented here are basic, they will provide you with a sound background for gaining additional knowledge, and understanding as you read the text of this subcourse.

b. The terms and definitions provided in this section do not include all the medical terms used in this subcourse. Whenever possible, the meaning of a fairly difficult and unfamiliar term will be written in parentheses ( ) after that term. In the event you encounter a term you do not understand, you should use a quality medical dictionary (that is, Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary) to learn the meaning of that term.

c. No attempt is made in this subcourse to address the pronunciation of terms and drug names. If you desire assistance in this area, you should seek the services of someone who works with drugs on a frequent basis. "Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, physicians, and other medical personnel are well-qualified to help you to learn the pronunciation of drug names."

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