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1. c Types of mental disorders characterized by lifelong maladaptive patterns of adjustment to life. (para 9-2c)

2. a Fear is a feeling of apprehension caused by a real object in the environment, while anxiety is a feeling of apprehension which has no specific object in the environment. (para 9-3a, b)

4. b The treatment of depression that is not a result of chemical imbalances in the body. (para 9-11b)

5. d Antipsychotic agents can produce reactions that consist of tremors, muscular rigidity, and hypersalivation. (para 9-18a)

6. a Anxiety agents can produce drowsiness in patients and can interact with central nervous system (CNS) depressants to produce a greater degree of CNS depression. (para 9-8a, b)

8. b Antianxiety agent. (para 9-9e)

9. a This drug may cause extrapyramidal reactions. (para 9-20f)

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