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Obesity and type 2 diabetes have become major public health concerns worldwide with an exponential increase in numbers over recent years. Currently (2007) there are more than a billion overweight adults, surpassing the number of under nourished adults for the first time in human history. Obesity is not merely a problem of the developed world, but also of the developing world - notably China, India and South America. As obesity and diabetes are intimately interlinked, their management and treatment may need to be considered together. It is now well recognised that the etiology of obesity is multi-factorial, and that foods we consume may have a contributory role. It is with this in mind that the current book has been developed. The book is largely organised into the following themes:

• Part I discusses ingredients implicated in the body's response to appetite and satiety;

• Part II concentrates on ingredients derived from cereals, fruits and vegetables that can assist in weight control;

• Part III details ingredients such as calcium, CLA and trans-free oils and fats that may contribute to regulate body weight.

This unique book has brought together many key researchers on new product development for weight management and should serve as a ready reference for those interested and involved in the development of foods for weight management.

I am privileged to have collaborated with some of the most gifted international scientists working on the development of specific products and ingredients that may help control body weight. I unreservedly thank all the contributors for their unbridled support in sharing their expertise. We hope that readers will find the book a useful resource to combat the global pandemic of obesity.

Part I

Food and obesity

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