Hydroxycitric acid 1031 Background

Garcinia cambogia is an evergreen tropical shrub of the Guttiferae family native to Southeast Asia and in particular South India. It typically grows wild but is also cultivated in some areas. The fruits of G. cambogia are about the size of an orange but resemble a small yellowish or reddish pumpkin. The dried rinds of the fruit are used in food preparation in several Southeast Asian countries where, amongst other attributes, they are said to be effective in making meals 'more filling' (FDA, 2005a). Good use of this feature of G. cambogia has been made by the dietary supplement industry, particularly in the USA where supplements containing Garcinia extract have been promoted for appetite suppression for many years.

The active component of Garcinia is HCA, present at up to 30% in the fruit rind. Most of the HCA is present in the fruit as the lactone which must be converted to the acid itself in order to become active.

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